Using autonomous planes and drones to manage wildfires with sound waves

⭐ And the winner is...PROJECT FIREFLY

Thank you so much to everyone that voted for Project Firefly in the 2021 #beapirate challenge. We are very excited to announce that after making it to finals from the online vote, we won this years challenge out of over 60 other teams! This means that in December, we will be going on a week-long trip to Silicon Valley where we will meet startups, attend workshops, visit companies like Instagram, Apple, Pinterest, and Google, and tour places like Singularity University and Stanford!

More updates are coming soon, but in the meantime, watch our final pitch or read the blog post about our win!

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives and keep fires at bay with revolutionary technology. We hope to use this technology to aid firefighters in the wild and save both people and money that can be put towards more inventive solutions.

The Problem

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In 2020, over 10.3 million acres of land were burned in the US, with the United States spending upwards of 13 billion dollars to account for damages. That doesn't take into account the almost 100 million acres of land burned in Australia, Siberia, and the Amazon in 2020 alone, costing almost 100 billion dollars worldwide.

Climate change has been increasing the risk of wildfires by increasing the size, number, and severity of fires across the globe, and not only are firefighters using techniques 20 years behind the rate of technological advances, but they're putting innocent civilians in harm's way. Lives are lost, property is damaged, and we need to put a stop to this.

Our Solution

We propose an autonomous network of planes and drones used to fight fires, with drones being used for detection and containment and planes for extinguishing. The drones utilize vortex-ring technology to counteract the further combustion in burning areas along with using infrared sensors and AI mechanisms to find fires in the wilderness. The planes would be able to put out the fires using modern techniques and ultimately, keep the fire from spreading to extensive areas.

To fund our solution, we'll gather $1 million for 3 years sourced from overseas investors and from the SBIR grant (a grant funding startups).


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